Six Myths About Probiotics You Should Stop Believing TODAY!

Probiotic foods, in the form of fermented foods, have been a part of the human diet for all recorded history. In fact, archaeologists have found evidence of fermented foods as far back as 6000 BCE in the fertile crescent. Like most things invented in the fertile crescent, fermentation spread to the rest of the world quickly as a means preservation and flavor enhancement.

Fermented foods used to be a daily part of our diet. Unfortunately, the modern diet is often lacking in the probiotic department. So, we, being modern and innovative, have come up with probiotic supplements. Maybe not as tasty as kimchi or sauerkraut, but still effective.

Along with modern technology comes a host of misinformation and myths about probiotics. Here are a few of the more common myths associated with probiotics.

The Strain Doesn’t Matter.

Yes, it does. It definitely does. Your gut is a hostile place. Only certain strains of bacteria can survive that harsh environment.  Also, keep in mind that only certain bacteria strains protect against things like Salmonella. Each unique strain has it’s benefits and drawbacks, make sure you are taking the right one for you.

Don’t Use Probiotics While Taking Antibiotics

Well, we can see where this myth comes from. Pro+Anti=Neutral, right? No.

In fact, taking probiotics while taking antibiotics can reduce some of the side effects associated with a course of antibiotics.

Take Your Probiotics on An Empty Stomach

Taking your probiotic supplements on an empty stomach puts them at a disadvantage. They are facing the full onslaught of your stomach’s gastric fluids. It’s best to take them with a meal to give them a little protection.

Probiotic Supplements are Permanent

One round of probiotics will not fix you. I’m sorry. I wish one round would fix everything, but, unfortunately, some damage cannot be undone. To achieve the benefits of probiotics, you must commit to taking them for the long term.

Baby’s Cannot Take Probiotics

Of course, they can take probiotics, and they might benefit from them. They don’t even need to be specially formulated “baby probiotics”. Baby’s benefit from probiotics. Period.

Supplements Are Better than Food

Supplements are great. They are quick and easy. They are easily accessible and transportable. There are a host of benefits associated with probiotic supplements, but to say that they are better than traditional, fermented foods would be overstating things. A diet full of fermented foods will provide a lot of your probiotic needs. But you should still take supplements that are specifically tailored to your body to meet your specific needs and allow fermented foods to meet your general. That way, you cover all your bases.

At ProTrea, we provide a large line of pre-formulated probiotics to meet and exceed your probiotic needs. We also offer a completely customized probiotic supplement tailored for your unique system and its deficiencies. Contact us today to learn more!

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