ProTrea Who Are We

Who We Are:

ProTrea is a family business that is built on 30 years of experience in medicine and scientific research. We firmly believe that living a healthy life should not be a privilege, but a right that everyone deserves.  Our own passion for living a healthy life has helped us develop ProTrea to reflect the custom needs by each person. We are all unique and we deserve to have supplements customized to fit our individual needs based on our lifestyles.

ProTrea designs probiotics that are safe, affordable, unique and customized. ProTrea designs probiotics that work, or your money back.

Our Mission:

ProTrea understands that balancing your health may contribute to the improvement of your quality of life. Our products are designed using premium strains that are customized to fit your personalized needs, at an affordable price, because being healthy shouldn’t be privilege.

Our Goal:

Our goal is to have superior customer satisfaction. We want to create a trusted personalized probiotic based solution by using up-to date-knowledge from research-based innovations, that serves your individualized needs.

ProTrea Probiotics Scientific Research

Why Choose Us:

There are a lot of probiotics in the market that make it seem that there is a one-pill-fits-all solution. ProTrea believes that people are uniquely different and all have different needs. We believe that the best way to use probiotics is by assessing an individual’s needs and tailoring the probiotic formulation to fit those needs.

Our probiotic formulations are encapsulated with a 100% vegetarian casing. This casing ensures the optimal survival of the probiotics’ live cultures when they pass through the stomach acid and bile salts in the intestine. This is a critically essential ingredient that ensures you get the full benefits of your custom probiotic.

Our Strains:

  • We have 14 distinct products that are designed to cater to several specific health-related issues.
  • We use premium probiotic strains that are manufactured in the USA.
  • Our probiotic strains undergo gold-standard, double-blind, and placebo controlled clinical studies.
  • The products you receive are products of the latest scientific research and top of the line technology.
  • Your probiotic is customized to fit your needs based on your daily lifestyle and activities.

Our Facility:

Our probiotics strains are produced in a state-of-the-art facility that is solely dedicated to the manufacturing of probiotics. The facility’s sole focus is on the production and optimization of the environment for the viability of the live cultures.  We hold ourselves to strict regulations and standards, to ensure that you are receiving a trustworthy and premium product.


The probiotics manufacturing facility has been awarded the following certifications: