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My Personalized Probiotics

*NOTE: This product can only be ordered after you have received your results from ProTrea stool genetic analysis plan. Please include your results’ reference number in the "Order Notes" section of the checkout to enable us to personalize your probiotics based on your sample results . Everyone’s gut microbiome is different, so why should everyone use the same probiotic?  Wouldn’t it be better to have a probiotic designed just for you and your individualized needs? With Protrea, that is easier than ever. My Personalized Plan is a custom probiotic plan created by ProTrea just for you.  We use your sample to create a plan designed specifically for your needs to help you live a healthier and more balanced life.  
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8 reviews for My Personalized Probiotics

  1. Emily P.

    I bought these personalized probiotics over last year, and will continue to do so! I talked on the phone with the president of the company and received emails from him asking if I am satisfied with their products. . After ordering a few times, I received a discount code for frequent buyers (you need to ask for that). I can definitely tell a difference in my digestion and my mood. Would definitely recommend!

  2. Caitlin Sutton

    I ordered my personalized probiotics for a constipation remedy and for a mood & energy booster and calm mood enhancement. I was irritable, constipated and totally lethargic. Within 2 weeks, I noticed a tangible lift in my mood– I could not have anticipated how much this shifted! And in a way I couldn’t have anticipated. I also experienced a lightness and greater frequency with elimination that was so supportive to me. Thank you!!

  3. Angela

    This is the best probiotic I have ever bought! And they customized it to me and put my name on it. This is awesome.

  4. David

    This company works closely with their customers and really want to meet their expectations and make them happy. I will continue buying my personalized probiotics from protrea for a long time!

  5. cathy

    I am lucky to be able to try a new probiotic that is tailored to my needs without having to pay the full price. This was awesome to try and it was free. It gave me the chance to see that it really works great for me. I’ve taken a lot of different probiotics and this one is great. It’s high quality and worth the price. I have a limited budget for supplements but this one is worth it. I trust this company and like how they do business. Highly recommend. Thank you!!

  6. Jenny

    I love Protrea’s mission, they’ve earned my trust, which is a huge deal in the supplement industry. I have been buying their personalized probiotics since they started. There are many of other businesses that might provide great packaging but fill their supplements with fluff. I highly recommend anyone use protrea if they are looking for a product to trust.

  7. Richard Metcalfe (verified owner)

    I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and lyme disease… neither of which I believe I have.

    Nevertheless my relationship with food deteriorated to such an extent that every time I ate I collapsed.

    Everything was solved after Two months of Protrea.

  8. David Trotsky (verified owner)

    I am now 54 and 16 years ago, when I was 38, I had a colon resection done for bouts of diverticulitis infections. They took about a third of my colon out. Since I could barely even pronounce diverticulitis back then, I had no knowledge of microbiome and potential side effects of this surgery. The doctors all told me I wouldn’t even know it was done. Well, were they wrong.

    In the first few years following I gained 40 lbs I cannot get off. I developed type 2 diabetes together with heart disease. Never felt right for 16 years. I now knew I did my body wrong when for hundreds of years people would say “my gut tells me I shouldn’t be doing this”. Even they knew your microbiome is really doing the thinking for you. And I damaged mine.

    I decided to try your product for the custom probiotic. After the second day, just two pills, I started to feel better. I started to feel “fuller” and ate less. My blood sugar is substantially lower. My mind is sharper. I have more energy. I’ve been into this for two weeks now and I am writing to you to tell you your product changed my life. I’ve just ordered my refill and will continue to. There’s no reason to look elsewhere. Thank you

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