Are You Just Throwing Money Away? 5 Reasons Your Probiotics Aren’t Working!

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We often hear how people are unsure if their probiotics are working or not. The truth is they might not be. It’s true. Not all probiotics are made the same and follow the same quality control standards. And when you add in other factors, there’s a chance that probiotic pill is doing you no good at all. You are throwing money away.

Fortunately, it’s easy to make sure your probiotics are working for you and you are not just wasting money.

Here are 5 reasons your probiotics aren’t working (like you hoped they would).


They Are Dead

Yep, all 50 million of those “active” strains of bacteria can and will die. Many sensitive strains of bacteria require constant temperature regulation — they need to be refrigerated — or they will up and die. So, make sure your probiotics can survive room temperature in order to avoid taking an expensive placebo.


They Aren’t Surviving Your Digestive Tract

Your digestive tract can be a hazardous place for probiotics. Even if they make it in there alive, they might not come out alive.

Cheaper probiotics use thin vegetable-based capsules that deteriorate too soon for them to deliver the probiotics through the warzone of your gut. High-quality probiotics, like the ones at ProTrea, use a more advanced delivery system to ensure that your gut gets what you pay for.


You Forget to Take Them!

Alright, tell us the truth, do you take your probiotic every day? At the same time? Come on, you can come clean. It’s tough to remember to take your supplements every morning, but consistently taking your probiotics over time is essential for the promotion of good gut health.

So, make it a point to take your ProTrea probiotic supplements every day, at the same time.


The Strains Just Don’t Match Up

Hey, there are a variety of probiotic strains out there, and not all will be right for you. All strains used by ProTrea are top quality, but they might not line up with your particular needs. That’s why we suggest you complete our “gut assessment” and order a custom probiotic rather than a one-sized-fits-all option.


Your Expectations Are Out Of Whack

IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT. We’ve become spoiled with the amount of fast-acting drugs available on the OTC and prescription markets. Probiotics don’t work that way. They aren’t an instant cureall. They are a foundation of better health. Don’t expect to feel awesome the first day, but pay attention, keep a health journal, and you’ll certainly notice a difference over the long term.

So, now you know all the reasons your probiotic isn’t working. Don’t you think it’s time to order a probiotic that is guaranteed to work? Visit our shop right now to order a quality probiotic that will improve your overall gut health.

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