Are Personalized Probiotics Better Than Generic Options?

Probiotic Spelled Out

Probiotics, commonly known as “good bacteria,” can help keeping our bodies healthy and balanced.  Research have shown that these good bacteria help us to properly digest our food, metabolize and store nutrients, balance our mood, and keep our hearts and circulation healthy. However, people are different. So, the assumption that one pill fits all is flawed. Researchers have recently started publishing peer reviewed work describing how true personalized microbiome may modify the probiotic therapeutic effect and support the idea of personalized probiotic medicine.

Different Strains

Probiotics aren’t restricted to a single type of bacteria. Different strains can help with different problems, with lactobacillus helping digest lactose and Bifidobacterium relieving the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Because people differ in age, race, gender, physical activity, body shape, and eat different foods, the probiotic strains and the amounts they truly need will be hugely different.  Using a generic probiotic from a grocery store simply isn’t good to be unique enough for our individually unique body. In addition to identifying the specific strains that our body needs, knowing the right quantities is required . By considering our health conditions and our unique needs, tailor-made ProTrea personalized probiotics can achieve this in a way that generic probiotics cannot. Because of this, you get a formulation that will benefit you the most instead of a formulation that may or may not be suitable for your needs.


While there are a number of probiotics available on the market, not all of them value transparency. Some brands include information such as strain, species, and genus, while others don’t. Some don’t even mention the quantities of the probiotic in colony-forming units (CFUs), leaving consumers confused and hesitant about whether they’re getting enough of what they need.

Consumers cannot make informed decisions when the information they need isn’t readily available. This isn’t a problem with personalized probiotics since the levels of the levels of the probiotics that are included in your capsule have been calculated based on the results of your genetic stool sample, and your unique personal details.  All of this was performed to provide a product that will balance your life and keep you healthy.

Tolerance and Restrictions

General probiotics also don’t take individuals’ intolerances and dietary restrictions into account. Whether you’re on a vegetarian diet or have a gluten intolerance, personalized probiotics from ProTrea keep your unique needs in mind. Our formulations even have a 100% vegetable casing for inclusivity and to optimize probiotic survival during digestion.

All ProTrea probiotic strains are rigorously tested to ensure your safety. Since our work is based on scientific research and the latest technology, you can be sure that your health is being cared for. In addition to being USDA organic, our products are also halal certified, making them suitable for all lifestyles and religions.

The Easiest Way to Get Your Personalized Probiotics

Unfortunately, drugstores and supermarkets don’t have different probiotics that can cater to your specific requirements. That’s where ProTrea comes in – we make precision probiotics accessible to the public. We believe that each individual is unique, and their probiotics should also be uniquely suited to their needs. That’s why our personalized probiotics are tailor-made for you and your specific microbiome.

Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, ProTrea takes different factors into account to deliver the best possible precision probiotics to you. Our formulations account for race, gender, dietary habits, and even your existing gut biome. Get your personalized probiotics from us by now – simply order a sample collection kit here and get started.

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